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Run Service


Run service allows you to run a job in different ways in the job studio, checkout the reactor commands for more information on how they work. You can also manage your swarms from the service level.


  • You can add as many reactors as you want in the job to execute using a service

Run Service Panel

Run Service Panel

Run service

  1. Open a job that has a reactor
  2. Click on the Run service tab
  3. Click on the start reactor button of the reactor you want to use to start the process
  4. You will see a modal pop up depending on the type of reactor
  5. Click confirm
  6. During the execution of the job, the reactions panel will be populated with the job stream data

Edit service settings

  1. Open a job
  2. Click on the Run service tab
  3. Click in the Service Settings button in the Run Service panel
  4. The settings modal will appear
  5. Change the fields
  6. Click continue