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This is a repeat to create a static diagram for training purposes only. The repeat will iterate the amount of times set as the Step count

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Step count number link-manual true The step count enables you to loop a given amount of times, it does not iterate through a list of data
Description long-text link-manual true The description of the command as a practice to make use of the link and manual settings
Delay number link-manual false The delay will delay the practice macro with the amount of milliseconds you specify


  • The user is still in training and require to build a given scenario using the diagram commands, the repeat command accepts the standard fields of what exists inside of every command and a extra field that allows the process to iterate a given amount of times. Step count, Description and Delay

Use case


  • Step count: 10
  • Description: Jack is taking 10 bites out of an apple before throwing away the apples core
  • Delay: 0
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