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Reactions are used within jobs in order to execute the job based on the reactor chosen.

Running reactors

  • Reactors are linked to services that have a reaction in the selected job
  • After a reaction has completed it will appear in the Reactions tab

Explore reactions

  • Completed reactions will appear on the reactions tab
  • To explore a reaction click the explore button
  • The Explore Reaction window will open
  • Within the exploration window a list of the completed commands or macros will appear
  • The user can explore these commands and macros by clicking the explore button

Enabling command explore

  • Within the job-studio and macro-studio when you add a command make sure to toggle the explore command icon
  • This icon is located next to the settings icon on a command
  • Enabling the explore command icon helps for debugging a process, but it can have an impact on performance when too many commands have this enabled

Removing a reaction

  • Reactions can be removed by clicking the remove reaction button
    remove reaction
  • Multiple reactions can be removed by selecting them and then clicking the remove reaction button
    all reactions selected

Reaction filters

  • Reactions can be filtered by utilizing the filter
    reaction filter
  • Reactions can be filtered by:
    • Running reactions
    • Complete reactions
    • Failed reactions
    • Stopped reactions
  • By default all of the options are enabled, if the user wants to remove an option simply click on the corresponding option to remove
    reaction filter configured

Important notes

  • When you remove a reaction the corresponding Alert Stream will be removed