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Read Columns from Excel to Data-list


Reads targeted columns from an excel file and convert it to a data-list.

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required Desription
File path text link-manual true The excel file path targeted to read columns from.
Sheet name text link-manual true The sheet name targeted inside of the targeted excel file.
Columns to read dataList link-manual true The column names that will be the data-items inside of the data-list, and the column keys that should be targeted with the dataType of the cell values.


  • Jack wants to read an Excel file that contains 4 Columns of data, Jack enters the excel file path, targeted sheet name and 4 Fields into the commands settings as the Columns to read: (Name, Surname, Age, Date of Birth) and selects the dataTypes as (Text, Text, Number, Text).

Use case


  • Excel File Path: C:/User/admin/Desktop/Demo.xlsx
  • Sheet Name: demo
  • Columns to Read:
        Field Name: `Name`,
        Data-type: `text`,
        Column Key: `A`   
Experienced tips
  • If the file path is empty, the process will end and notify File not found.
  • If the sheet name targeted does not exist, the process will end and notify Worksheet not found.
  • If the columns to read is empty, the process will end and notify Please provide Columns to Read.Data


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