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Roboteur V7.5.6 February 2022

Roboteur 7.5.6 Release Notes

Macro studio

New features

  • Extract .eml file command:
    • Extracts email content as a data-item and attachments to a target folder from a .eml file.
  • Query and Search data-list commands:
    • Filter and find items in data-lists by multiple criteria.


  • Fetch emails: -Added ability to also extract .eml attachments to a target folder.
  • Launch Browser:
    • Added option to launch browser outside of incognito mode into a persistent mode that maintains user state such as login credentials and other browser cached actions.
  • Date calculation command: -Enhanced date-format options.
  • Select Web Element as data-item:
    • Style has been added as a property.
  • Click Web Element:
    • Click location offset has been added to edge case elements.
  • Robot Macro caching system performance improved.

Job Studio

New features


  • Reactor general error trigger handling improved from any unhandled errors that occur during a reaction.
  • Run Macro error trigger handing improved.

Shape Studio

New features

  • Import JSON data directly into Record Store


  • Download Record store as CSV or JSON
  • General ergonomics of Record view improved

Virtual Drive


  • Multi-select feature rolled out over all tables.
  • Enhanced global search.