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Write Cells to Excel


The write cells to excel workbook command will take a list of data-fields and append input ports to the command based on the field name and datatype, the values linked to the ports will be written to the cells specified.

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Template path text link-manual true The path of the original excel file, this can be a predefined excel file that already has data
Destination path text link-manual false The path to save the file to, if this path is specified, the template path file will remain as a template
Sheet name text link-manual true The sheet name inside of the excel file you want to target
Convert long-text to formula boolean manual-only false When this is checked, the long-text data type will be used as formulas, so if the value of the cell is a long-text and equal to =sum(A1:A2), then it will be added as a formulated cell to the sheet and be executed on load
Cells data-field manual-only true The fields that are added will become input ports in the studio, you are required to link values to each port from a different source.


  • The user reads data from a website and wants to write those values to specified cells in a spreadsheet
  • The user reads statistics from a website and wants to write those values to specified cells in a spreadsheet with formulated cells to calculate the sum of a range of cells.

Use case


  • Template path: C:/Users/admin/Desktop/example.xlsx
  • Destination path: C:/Users/admin/Desktop/example.xlsx
  • Sheet name: Sheet1
  • Convert long-text to formula: checked
  • Cells:
Experienced tips
  • If the template path value is empty, the process will stop and provide you with this error Specify a source path
  • When the template path cannot be found, the file will be created at the specified path with the file name specified at the end of the path


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