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Change image color


Change an images color by converting to greyscale or inverting it

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Image path text link-manual true The path to the image that you want to edit
Changed image path text link-manual false The path to where the edited image should be saved
Greyscale text manual-only false Enabling greyscale will remove all the colors from the image and make the image black and white.
Invert text manual-only flase Enabling invert will invert all the colors on the image, light will be dark and dark will be light


  • The user wants to edit a colored image to be black and white
  • The user wants to edit a image so that all the colors are inverted

Use case


  • Image path: D:\Original.jpeg
  • Changed image path: D:\Changed.jpeg
  • Greyscale: Enabled
  • Invert: Disabled
Experienced tips
  • If you do not specify the Image path, the process will stop and provide you with the following error. Path to image is required
  • If you do not specify the Changed image path the process will overwrite your original image using the Image path
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