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Enter browser keyboard sequence


Click, Hold or release keyboard keys in the order you set it.

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Typing Speed text manual-only true The speed the agent will be clicking, pressing or releasing the key.
Keys textList manual-only true Enter the keyboard sequence allows you to click, press or release specific keys with a delayed interval between the key operations. The interval works in milliseconds, 3000 = 3 seconds


  • The user wants to select all the text inside of a document, the user sets the ‘Control’ key to press with a delayed interval of 1 millisecond, sets the ‘A’ key to be clicked with a 1 milliseconds delayed interval and sets the ‘Control’ key to be released with a 1 millisecond delayed interval.

Use case

It is required to make use of the Launch web browser command when using this command.


  • Typing speed: normal
  • Key sequence: control, press, 1
Experienced tips
  • If the sequence does not work what you are trying with this command, try the Enter OS Keyboard combo command.
  • If you press a key, you are required to release the key too, otherwise the process continues as if the key are still pressed.
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