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Format number to text


Formats a number value with the specified delimiter and adds the specified decimal places after the delimiter

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Decimal length number link-manual true The amount of numbers that should exist after the delimiter
Number value number link-manual true The number value that contains decimal values
Delimiter text link-manual true The delimiter that exists inside of the number value


  • The user has a number that needs to be text and must be in a specific format with a custom delimiter.

Use case


  • Decimal length: 3
  • Number value: 234,4565854
  • Delimiter: ,
Experienced tips
  • If the delimiter is empty, the text output will remove the original delimiter and output it as one number in a text format
  • If the Number value is empty, the text value will provide you with the value NaN
  • If the Decimal length is empty, the text value will provide you with a number with no decimals in a text format


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