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Select from UI Elements


Outputs a bounding box of x, y, width, height and text from the list of input bounding boxes that match the input operation options and matching value. Generally used with Detect UI Elements command

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Operations text manual-only true The operation you wish to find the box with, you can select multiple operations
Text Operation text manual-only false The operation that should be used to find the text in the screenshot
Match Position position manual-only false The position of the box that should be targeted
Match size size manual-only false The size of the box that should be targeted
Match text text manual-only false The text of the box that should be targeted
UI Element boxes box-list link-only true The boxes that was detected using the Detect UI elements command
Screenshot URL text link-manual false The path to the screenshot that needs to be synced
Screenshot position link-manual false The size the screenshot must be cropped to


  • The user wants to select a box element from a screenshot
  • You are required to atleast run the command once to sync data into state which will allow you to choose the UI Element boxes on the screenshot.

Synced settings


Use case

It is required to make use of the Detect UI Elements command.


  • Operations: [Text]
  • Text operation: equal
  • Match text: Message
  • Screenshot URL: /bucket-content/ad3acf564664467e93b58356f1dd14b0401164432f12bded8ca893ee58cff3ca.png
  • Screenshot X: 1440
  • Screenshot Y: 1024
Experienced tips
  • If the operation is text and the process could not find any text on the image that matches the text provide, the process will stop and provide you with the following error. No UI Element matched
  • Using any operation, you can click a box on the screenshot in the settings to set the value, the selected box will be indicated with green borders


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Select element from UI Element boxes