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Replace targeted colors


Expects a screenshot, allow you to specify a range of colors that will be kept in the image, the rest will be replaced with the color you specify.

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Image path text link-manual true The path to the image that you want to replace colors in
Save to text link-manual false The path to where you want to save the file to
Threshold number manual-only false The threshold of how near the target color should be from the pixel color found, 0 is the color specified in the target color field must be exactly the same as the color of the pixel.
Target colors text-list link-manual false The colors you want to remain in the image
Replace color text link-manual false The color that will replace all the colors not specified inside of the target colors text-list


  • The user wants to replace all the colors except white with green, the user sets the target colors as #FFFFFF and the replace color as #008000

Use case


  • Image path: D:\Original.jpeg
  • Save to: D:\savedImage.jpeg
  • Threshold: 45
  • Target colors: ['#FFFFFF']
  • Replace color: #008000
Experienced tips
  • If you do not specify the Image path, the process will stop and provide you with the following error. Path to image is required
  • If you do not specify the Save to the process will overwrite your original image using the Image path
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Replace colors in image Change image colors