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The macro studio is the bottom layer where all the automation take place, inside of the Macro studio you can automate a process using a list of different types of commands. Macros can be created and linked to a job, a job is a higher level that gives you more control over when a process executes and what data is used inside of the process. You can find a list of features inside of the macro studio below with different types of command categories.


What are commands?

Commands are the building blocks of your process, you use commands to automate tasks on the computer, eg. click a button, open up an application, open up the browser and select data from the web page, there are tons of things you can do, so get learning and automate your workflow with ease!


What does the heading Input Ports mean?

The input ports are the small circles on the left of the commands, the circles on the right are the output ports. The input ports accepts values from variables or other commands. The data-types needs to be the same. You can also set an input port manually by opening up the settings.


Port Type Description
Run Trigger Trigger the execution of the command
Manual Port blue The port value was assigned manually when its blue
Open Port grey The port value was not assigned when its grey
Linked Port yellow The port value was assigned via a link when its yellow
What does it mean when a command should be synced?

Some commands needs to be executed atleast one time in order to provide a usefull output, when you see the command settings looks like the below screenshot you need to provide all the required inputs and run it, then you will find the synced data inside of the command settings. The detect and select color elements command automatically syncs its data, but the select from UI elements requires you to click on the sync button inside the command settings before the data is synced into the form state.


Commands that requires syncing

What does the heading Scenarios mean?

Scenarios are to help you understand the purpose of when to use the command.

What does the heading Use case mean?

Use cases are how to use the command in its most simple process.

What does the heading Practice using w3Schools mean?

Practice using w3Schools allows you to build a web automation process using W3Schools.

What does the heading Inputs mean?

Inputs are there for you to compare your own values with.

What does the heading Experienced tips mean?

Experienced tips are there to serve as guidance when you struggle getting the command to work.

What does the heading Output mean?

Only commands that has a useable output will have an Example output, it gives you a screenshot of what type of data structure you can expect from using that command.

What does the heading Search Tags mean?

Search tags are our own SEO way of finding what a person is searching for by not typing the exact heading.