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Example 1

Example 1


The goal of this example is to create a job that will start with an API Endpoint reactor in order to react on a Shape that sends the Username and Password as a Push Alert via a requset from a third party application like Postman.

Create a Shape

Create a Shape called ApiShape with the Username and Password as the text-general values.

Create a Job

API Endpoint

Create a Job with the API Endpoint command with the created ApiShape selected.

API Endpoint Settings

Select fiedls

Select the Username and Password fields with the Select fields from record command.

Select fields Settings2

Push alert

Send the Username and Password through to the alert stream with the Push Alert command

Select fields Command

Create a Service

Create a Service and link your Api Job that you created in the previous step.

Run the Service

Make sure the service is online and then cick the react button, an interface will pop up prompting the user for a username and password after this is submitted the next sceen will contain the information needed to enter into the third party application like Postman. Leave this sceen open to enter information into Postman, after the information is entered click Cancel.

API POST information

Run Postman

Use the information in the step above to run a Postman POST request, this will result in the alert popup in the alert stream.

Alert Stream