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Install and Connect Process

  1. Run the .msi you have downloaded
  2. After the installation is complete or after you ran your exe file, you will see the Roboteur icon appear in the right bottom corner of your taskbar.
    Desktop Icon
  3. Click on the Roboteur icon and you will see this modal appear
    Desktop Modal
  4. Enter your Server address , Example: http://localhost:3035
  5. Enter the Email address you registred an account with.
  6. Enter the Password you used to register the account with.



  • If you have not setup your own server and registered a valid account, please do so before attempting to sign into the bot. Server Installation
  • If you are making use of our sandbox which is located at or Live site, please register an account there and make the Server address the following
  • If the bot does not connect to any remote server, please ensure that there is no firewall or anti-virus blocking the communication between the application and the server.

Minimum system requirements

Title Description
Processor Intel® Core™ i5-11400F Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.40 GHz)
Ram 8GB DDR 4
Hard Drive Space 10Gb
Graphics Corprocesser On board

Bot limitations

Listed below are some limitations on the desktop application.

What is limited Per Computer
Bots 1
Running Processes 1