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Read PDF Pages to Data-list


Reads a number of pages of an Adobe .pdf file at the input path and outputs the file content as a data-list, text-list and long-text

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required Description
Page option text link-manual true The page option allows you to read all the pages, a range of pages or a single page from the pdf file
File path text link-manual true The path to the pdf file you want to read from
Start page number link-manual true The page you want to start reading, if the page option is single, then it will only read the page you specify here. Ensure that the starting page does not exceed the last page number.
Last page number link-manual false The last page you want to read, this value is only in affect when you want to read a range of pages.


  • The user wants to read all the pages from the pdf file.
  • The user wants to read page 3 to 6 from the pdf file.
  • The user wants to read only page 3 from the pdf file.

Use case


  • File path: C:/Users/admin/Desktop/example.pdf
  • Start page: 2
  • Last page: 4
Experienced tips
  • If the file path value is empty, the process will stop and provide you with this error Pdf file path is required
  • When the file path cannot be found, the process will stop and provide you with the error Invalid parameter in getDocument, need either Uint8Array, string or a parameter object


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