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Goes to the specified URL path.

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Open Path text link-manual true The path the existing browser should open, you must launch the browser before attempting to go to a different url.
Window Size size link-manual false The window size of the browser, to dynamically retrieve the screen size, use the Robot info command
Timeout number link-manual true The timeout wait for the url to open, an error will be thrown if the url takes longer than the timeout period set.


  • The user launched the browser on one website and after that process is complete on that website, the user wants to go to a different website.

Use case

It is required to make use of the Launch web browser command.


  • Open path:
  • Window size: X: 1440, Y: 1024
  • Timeout: 6000
Experienced tips
  • The Open path you specify needs to be a valid web address
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