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Example 1

Example 1


The goal of this example is to take information from a excel file and type out the Name, Surname, and ID values in a text file.

Open notepad

Start off by using the Open Window command to open notepad and then focus on the window with the Activate Window command, link the Window ID and App Path to Activate Window.

Open Window Settings

Extract excel data

Extract data from an excel file using the Read Excel file to data-list command to select the Name, Surname, and ID fields.

Read excel Settings

Repeat over data-list

Repeat over the data-list with the Repeat over data-list command.

Repeat over data-list Command

Select data-fields

With each repeat of the data-list select the Name, Surname, and ID with the Select data-field from data-item command and then append the text to a text-list with the Append text to text-list command and store it in an Internal Variable text-list.

Select data-field Command

Repeat over text-list

After the Name, Surname, and ID has been added to the Internal Variable use the Repeat over text-list to iterate over each entry in the text-list

Select data-field Command

Enter text into notepad

For each text in the text-list the text value the Enter OS keyboard text command will type the text value add the Click OS keyboard key command will click the spacebar.

Select data-field Command

Clear the text-list

After the text-list has been repaeted over press the Enter key with the Click OS keyboard key command and then clear the text list with the Set text-list value command by leaving the text-list value blank.

Select data-field Command