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Write Data-list to Excel Cell Range


Writes the input data-list to a Microsoft Excel file starting from a specific cell, existing cell formatting will remain

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
File path text link-manual true The path to the excel file you want to write to
Save file to text link-manual false The path you want to save the file to, if not specified it will override the original file
Worksheet name text link-manual true The sheet name inside of the excel file you want to target
Start cell text link-manual true The cell you want to start writing the data-list to, eg. A10
Insert and Remove boolean link-manual false This option will remove every empty row that were added underneath the inserted row to prevent having empty rows between each row.
Excecute formulas on Load boolean manual-only false This option will allow your excel to execute the formulas when you open the application, otherwise it will just be a formulated text value.
Data rows data-list link-manual true The data-list you want to write to the file


  • The user has a data-list and wants to start writing it from cell A10 in the excel file

Use case


  • File path: C:/Users/admin/Desktop/example.xlsx
  • Save file to: C:/Users/admin/Desktop/updatedExample.xlsx
  • Worksheet name: Sheet1
  • Start cell: A10
  • Insert and Remove: unchecked
  • Execute formulas on load: unchecked
  • Data rows: any data-list
Experienced tips
  • If the file path value is empty, the process will stop and provide you with this error Excel file path is required
  • When the file path cannot be found, the process will stop and provide you with the error ENOENT: no such file or directory


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