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Write data-list to Excel Table


Writes the input data-list to a table inside of the Excel file specified

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
File path text link-manual true The path to the excel file you want to write to
Save file to text link-manual false The path to save the excel file to
Worksheet name text link-manual true The sheet name inside of the excel file you want to target
Table name text link-manual true The name of the table that will be created
Start cell text link-manual false The starting cell where the table should be, eg. A10
Table Style object manual-only true The style of the table that are being created
Table Columns data-fields manual-only true The headers of the table with a footer label and formula that will be at the footer of the table. If you enable filter you will be able to filter inside of the spreadsheet on that column
Execute formulas on load boolean manual-only false When you check this option, you are enabling the formula functions to execute the moment you open the excel file
Data-list to write to Xlsx data-list link-manual true The data-list you want to write as a table to the file


  • The user has a data-list that contains anything and wants to write the data-list values as a table to an excel file
  • The user has a data-list that contains items as text, cost as number and wants to write the data-list values as a table to an excel file, the cost column should contain the sum formula and execute on load should be checked so that the sum of cost can be calculated.

Use case


  • File path: C:/Users/admin/Desktop/example.xlsx
  • Save file to: C:/Users/admin/Desktop/savedExample.xlsx
  • Worksheet name: Sheet1
  • Table name: tbl_cost
  • Start cell: A1
  • Table style:
  • Table Columns:
  • Execute formulas on load: checked
  • Data-list to write to Xlsx:
Experienced tips
  • If the file path value is empty, the process will stop and provide you with this error Excel file path is required
  • When the file path cannot be found, the file will be created at the specified path with the file name specified with the path
  • When the sheet name cannot be found, the sheet name will be created throught the process
  • When the headers are there but there are no values underneath the headers, make sure that your Fields and data-items inside of your Data rows are the same


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