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Append to dynamic excel list


Adds data values to the end of the data-list. You can only add one value per cell.

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Data-list data-list link-manual false The data-list that should receive the new data-item at the end of the list
Cell text link-only true The spreadsheet cell you want added to the list
Text value text link-only true The text value that will be allocated to the cell
Number value number link-only true The number value that will be allocated to the cell
Long-text value long-text link-only true The long-text value that will be allocated to the cell


  • The user wants to append spreadsheet values to a data-list to use in the Write dynamic cells to Excel workbook command

Use case



Combination to create a data-list of cell values

  • Data-list:
  • Cell: B1
  • Text value: ``
  • Number value: 1
  • Long-text value: ``
Experienced tips
  • If the data-list value is empty, the process will continue and append the values to an empty data-list
  • You can only assign one value to a cell

Output after execution

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append cell and value to data-list