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Set input element value


Target a web element and set the selected value. Works best with drop-down web elements.

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Element selector text link-manual true The agent will target the element and set the text value as the option in a drop down list
iFrame selector text link-manual false If the element is inside of an Iframe, it is mandatory to specify the iframe selector, otherwise the element won’t be found.
iFrame type text manual-only false Option to add more iframes if the targeted element exists in a nested iframe
Text value text link-manual true The option value that will be targeted.


  • The user wants to set a value inside of a dropdown list web element.

Use case


  • Element selector: #root_alias > input
  • iFrame selector: body > iframe
  • iFrame type: single
  • Text value: BMW
Experienced tips
  • When the element selector could not be found inside of the page, the command will timeout and stop the process.
  • When the element are inside of an iframe and the iframe selector could not be found, the command will timeout and stop the process.
  • When no Element selector is provided, it will stop the process and throw the following error. Set input requires a element selector
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Set value in dropdown list