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The service studio enables jobs to be executed from a centralized feature. You can manage the service settings and swarms created in the job from the service studio. The schedule reactor can be turned on or off and will execute as long as the service is on.

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What is the job-studio?
  • The job-studio can combine macros, record stores, and reactors in order to execute an intricate job reliably and efficiently.
What is a swarm?
  • A swarm is a collection of bots that combine to form a swarm in order to execute macros that are used within the job-studio.
What is the reaction stream?
  • It is the collection of reactions that are executed
  • It can contain in depth information about the reaction
What are reactions?
  • Reactions are processes that run jobs based on triggers
  • A reaction is the input interaction a user has with a process when a process deploys