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OS Screenshot


Takes a screenshot and outputs the image file path. When size and position inputs are supplied the screenshot is cropped at the position to the size. Typically used with Detect UI elements

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Screen Id text link-manual false The id of the screen that should be used for taking a screenshot
Save to path text link-manual false The path you want to save the screenshot at. Roboteur cache directory is the default destination
X, Y position link-manual false The position of the screen that should be inside of the screenshot
Width, Height size link-manual false The size of the screenshot within the specified position


  • The user wants to take a screenshot of the entire page.
  • The user wants to take a screenshot of position {x:400, y:500} and crop it to be the size of {widht:729, height:550}

Use case


  • Screen Id: \\.\DISPLAY1
  • Save to path: c:\Users\{your-account}\desktop\screenshot.png
  • X: 400
  • Y: 500
  • Width: 729
  • Height: 550
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