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Write dynamic cells to Excel workbook


Writes a data-list to an excel file, the data-list must contain the targeting cells and the value for each cell. The required data-fields within the data-list are cell and value.

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Template path text link-manual true The path of the original excel file, this can be a predefined excel file that already has data
Destination path text link-manual false The path to save the file to, if this path is specified, the template path file will remain as a template
Sheet name text link-manual true The sheet name inside of the excel file you want to target
Convert long-text to formula boolean manual-only false When this is checked, the long-text data type will be used as formulas, so if the value of the cell is a long-text and equal to =sum(A1:A15), then it will be added as a formulated cell to the sheet and be executed on load
Cells values data-list link-manual true The fields that are added will become input ports in the studio, you are required to link values to each port from a different source.


  • The user wants to write a text value to cell b4
  • The user wants to write a data-list to a combination of cells

Use case

You can use the Append to dynamic excel list command to create a populated data-list


Write using Data-list

Combination to create a data-list of cell values

Write using generated cells

Combination to write cells in a repeat

  • Template path: C:\template.xlsx
  • Destination path: C:\result.xlsx
  • Sheet name: new sheet
  • Convert long-text to formula: false
  • Cells values:
    Cell Values
Experienced tips
  • If the template path value is empty, the process will stop and provide you with this error Specify a source path
  • When the template path cannot be found, the file will be created at the specified path with the file name specified at the end of the path
  • If the sheet name does not exist in the file, a new sheet will be created using the given sheet name
  • If you want to write cell for cell into the sheet, you can use the link ports cell, textValue, numberValue and longTextValue instead of the data-list

Output after execution

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