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Open window


Opens an application window of the input path and outputs the window. If a file name is provided in the app path input the system will attempt to open the default application for that file, otherwise the first argument will be app path

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Open path text link-manual true The full path to the application
Open arguments text-list link-manual true The arguments the application will expect when it opens
X, Y position link-manual false The position where the window should be opened
Width, Height size link-manual false The size of the window when it gets opened


  • The user wants to open a desktop application
  • The user wants to open a desktop application with arguments

Use case


  • Open path: C:/Windows/System32/notepad.exe
  • Open arguments: -10000
  • X: 420
  • Y: 640
  • Width: 1440
  • Height: 1024
Experienced tips
  • If you do not specify an Open path, the process will stop and provide you with the following error. The "path" argument must be of type string. Received type object
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