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Sort data-list


Sorts a data-list by field

Input Ports

Name dataType sourceType required description
Field name text manual-only true The field in the data-list that will be used to sort
Field data type text manual-only true The data type of the field that will be used to sort
Direction text manual-only true The option to sort the data-list, ascending or descending
Data rows data-list link-manual true The data list that will be sorted


  • The user wants to sort a data-list in ascending order
  • The user wants to sort a data-list in descending order

Use case


  • Field name: name
  • Field data type: text
  • Direction: ascending
  • Data list:
    • Fields:
    • Values:
Experienced tips
  • If the Data rows are empty, the process will continue and provide an empty data-list


Search Tags

Sort data-list ascending Sort data-list descending