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Roboteur V7.4.x October 2021

Release Overview

Release 7.4.0 contains a lot of improvements since our last deployment, read below all the additions and improvements we made since version 7.2.6

Macro Studio

  • The command toolbox now includes a documentation button that clicks through the command’s documentation page
  • Repeat and Run macro commands now feature Explore binocular buttons to toggle exploring nested steps. Toggle off for better performance
  • You can now open the selected macro in a new tab from the run macro command settings
  • All the browser commands have been removed from Roboteur, please convert to the playbrowser commands if you were still using the browser commands.


Job Studio

Job studio is now stable and all features active, including:

  • Swarming bots to distribute work load
  • Server side logic
  • Integration with the Record-store to persist data
  • Convert between records and record-lists to data-items and data-lists for easy integration of Robot macros, Job Services and Record Stores
  • React to real world events and third-party integrations in real time

Record store

Record store is now stable and all features active, including:

  • Create dynamic databases from fields designed in Shapes
  • Make persistent data available to Job services and macros
  • Manage and query data via a REST and web socket API. Useful as a no-code backend solution
  • You are now able to truncate the entire record-list

Service Studio

Service studio is now stable and all features active, including:

  • Deploy Jobs to different swarms with different settings and manage the reactions from a central location


  • Stabilisation fixes across Macro commands, Macro run engine and Macro explorer streaming